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United Kingdom
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    Full Time
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    1 month, 1 week ago

Vast Opportunities in UK Construction! Variety of Roles Available

Explore a multitude of construction job opportunities in the UK. Wide range of roles available including labourers, handymen, carpenters, and more. Detailed contact information for various UK agencies is included. Please ensure you own a CSCS Card, Share Code, UTR, and have a bank account for employment purposes.


We are seeking skilled labourers and handymen for a variety of construction jobs across the UK. From general construction jobs to specialised roles such as carpenters, painters, drivers, and more, we have an array of opportunities waiting for you. Connect with the wide range of agencies mentioned in the summary to find the perfect job for you in the locality and time period that suits you. Please ensure you check job posts from the last 7 days on to track recent openings.


  • Duties will vary based on the specific role. General responsibilities may include
  • Construction and repair work
  • Manual labour assistance
  • General carpentry tasks
  • Painting duties
  • Moving materials
  • Maintenance activities
  • Other associated tasks


  • Existing experience in the construction industry
  • CSCS Card required
  • UTR and a bank account required
  • Share Code required for certain roles
  • Specific roles may require additional skills and qualifications

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